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Strawberry & Lime

Strawberry & Lime dessert. Vanilla pannacotta, lime curd, strawberry jam, strawberry crisps, basil meringue and short bread biscuit. You can ...
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BBQ Chicken Wrap

Bbq chicken wrap. Roasted chicken in a bbq rub, homemade herb wraps, sour cream, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. Finished with ...
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Vegetable Frittata

Vegetable frittata, spicy crushed avocado, sour cream & poached eggs. You can check out these dishes made live on Twitch ...
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Apple Tarte Tatin

Finished my week early with an apple tarte tatin. Served with a salted caramel, cinnamon crème pat & Chantilly cream ...
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Fried Chicken Burger

Super size Fried chicken burger. Homemade massive bun, lettuce, sour cream and southern fried chicken thighs. In addition crinkle cut ...
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Chicken & Beef Samosas

Chicken & Beef Samosas. Made the pastry from scratch, filled with potatoes, carrots, peas & spices. Also not forgetting the ...
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Beef Dip Rolls

Starting the week off with a beef dip rolls. Homemade rolls filled with horseradish sour cream, beef ribs & sliced ...
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Sous Vide Pork

Finished the week off with a sous vide pork fillet. Served with a fondant potato, sausage cabbage roll, crispy shallots, ...
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Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings

Making up those pork & shrimp gyoza dumplings. Served with a ponzu dipping sauce. You can check out these dishes ...
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Mushroom Ragu

Made a quick mushroom Ragu with Parmesan polenta. Tasty and easy to make. You can check out these dishes made ...
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