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Stuffed & Rolled Turkey Breast

Made another festive dish for midweek. Stuffed & rolled turkey breast. Stuffed with homemade stuffing & cranberries. Served with roasted ...
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Festive Belly Pork

Festive crispy belly pork. Parsnip & potato mash. Bacon & sprouts. Parsnip chips, spiced apple chutney & cider sauce. You ...
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Festive Curry

Start the festive week off we made a Madras festive curry. Made the Madras powder & curry from scratch. Served ...
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Coconut Snowball Pie

For YouTube this week we made Coconut snowball pie. This consisted of a strawberry jam puree, coconut custard, marshmallow & ...
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Festive Charlotte Royale

Another delight for the end of the week, festive Charlotte Royale. Homemade genoise sponge for the Swiss roll and filled ...
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Peanut Butter & Jelly Stuffed French Toast

Went a little wild today with a peanut butter and jelly Stuffed French toast. Our homemade brioche, strawberry jam and ...
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Pho Soup

Anyone for beef pho? Making the broth from scratch with all those spices and beef bones. Sous vide tenderloin, sugar ...
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Left over cabbage to use up...okonomiyaki time. Topped it with crispy prosciutto, okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese tofu mayo, bonito flakes & ...
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Pumpkin Strudel

Want something a little different than pumpkin pie for this thanksgiving? How about a pumpkin strudel? Feel free to check ...
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Dived into some sauerbraten for today’s dish. Marinated the beef for two days then slowly cooked till tender. Served with ...
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