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Open Sandwich Arepas

Started the week off with open arepas sandwich. Pulled pork, avocado, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, red cabbage and cheese. Finished ...
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Raspberry & apple strudel. Vanilla Creme Pat, Chantilly cream and raspberry jam. You can check out these dishes made live ...
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Rou Jia Mo

Made a twist on Rou Jia Mo (Chinese pork burger). Made the buns from scratch & filled with a slow ...
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Fish Wraps

Homemade fish wraps. Filled them with a crunchy air fried cod, steamed shrimp, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & a sour cream ...
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Hash Brown Breakfast

Started the week off with a hash brown breakfast. Homemade onion & potato hash browns. Topped with ham, cheese, crushed ...
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Pistachio Choux Dessert

Pistachio Choux pastry dessert. Pistachio crème pat, Chantilly cream, Choux pastry and pistachios. You can check out these dishes made ...
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Beef Curry Ramen

Homemade beef curry ramen. Slowly cooked chuck beef in all the spices, rich beef broth, boiled eggs, sugar snaps, sweetcorn, ...
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Tempura Eggplant Pork Bites

Tempura eggplant pork bites. Served with an Asian salad & jalapeño sweet chili. You can check out these dishes made ...
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Avo On Toast

Avo on a homemade wholemeal seeded toast. Topped it with smoked ham, tomatoes, lettuce, pickled onions and poached eggs. You ...
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Finished the week off with some Stromboli. Homemade garlic & Herb dough, mozzarella, Swiss cheese, pepperoni & a little twist ...
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