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Crunchy Chicken Parm Wraps

Made some crunchy chicken Parm wraps. Filled with tomato herb sauce, mozzarella & Monterey Jack cheese. Finished with hand cut ...
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Butternut Squash & Corn Fritters.

Quick kimchi, lime yogurt & fried egg. In addition we finished our baked cheesecake finished with a blueberry compote ...
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Tofu & Beef Stir Fry

Made a baked cheesecake but will be resting over night to serve tomorrow. In addition we made a crispy tofu ...
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Vietnamese Pork Skewers

Made some Vietnamese noodles with Vietnamese pork skewers. Served with a fried egg & peanut sauce. You can catch these ...
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Korean Chicken Bao Buns

For mid week we made a twist on Korean chicken bao buns (Gua Bao). Sous vide crunchy chicken breast & ...
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Made a frittata with leftovers in the fridge. Cheese, peppers, spring onions, Swiss cheese & salami. In addition we served ...
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Perfect Brioche Burger

For our YouTube episode this week we made the perfect brioche burger. Ground our own burgers using cross cut short ...
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Rainbow Trout

For today we made en papillote of rainbow trout. Steamed in lemon, dill, peppers & onions. Served with roasted rosemary ...
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Cuban Sandwiches

Filled them with pulled pork, dill pickle cucumbers, mustard, Swiss cheese, part skimmed mozzarella & smoked ham. In addition we ...
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Mexican Breakfast Shepherds Pie

Today we made a Mexican breakfast shepherds pie. Made with ground lamb, beans and spices. Topped with hash browns, cheese, ...
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