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Birthday Cake (Not My Birthday)

First day back streaming and we made a three tier birthday cake (But it’s not my birthday). Vanilla sponge filled ...
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Mince Pies & Cocktails

Made some homemade mince pies and some awesome cocktails from theeducatedbarfly YouTube, trader vic grog. Also did my own twist ...
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Festive Tapas

Midweek with some festive tapas. Shrimp cocktail, smoked pork tenderloin with apple chutney, garlic butter mini roast potatoes, pigs in ...
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Fruit Cake

Made a cheeky fruit cake loaf ready for Xmas. In addition we snuck in some leftover Huevos rancheros. You can ...
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Festive Burrito

Started the week off with a festive burrito. Filled it with pork & beans, cheese and lettuce. Homemade corn tortillas, ...
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Xmas Tree Cake

Pulled out all the stops on this cheeky Xmas tree cake. Made a green velvet sponge for the cake, filled ...
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Assortment Of Duck

Midweek and put together an assortment of duck. Duck spring rolls, duck bao buns, duck Gyoza dumplings & cherry dipping ...
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Festive Pork Puff Pastry Garland

Made a festive pork puff pastry Garland. Filled with ground pork, bacon, nuts, sage, onion, apple & garlic. What a ...
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Soup & Artichoke Dip

Started the week off with parsnip soup topped with bacon, parsnip chips & chives. In addition we made a artichoke ...
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Assortment Of Cookies

Ready for those Christmas treats? Assortment of gingerbread cookies & almond pinwheel cookies. You can check out these dishes made ...
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