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Healthy apples and pears ­čÖé

This afternoon we made healthy apples and pears, pear pur├ęe, poached pear in vanilla honey no sugar, charred apples, toasted ...
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Healthy livers and onions ­čÖé

This morning we made healthy livers and onions, caramelized onion pur├ęe, crispy Shallot rings, textures of swede, roasted swede cubes ...
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Reached 100 twitch follows thank you guys, you been a great support ­čÖé

Been a fantastic day today and we hit our target before the end of the week thank you guys ­čÖé ...
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Chicken Caesar salad ­čśë

This afternoon we made a delicious Caesar salad, yogurt Caesar dressing, anchovies, Parmesan crisps, charred baby gem, garlic thins, wholemeal chicken ...
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Healthy steak and chips ­čÖé

This morning we made some healthy steak and chips, charred heritage cherry tomatoes, celeriac bubble and squeak, baked wholemeal onion rings, ...
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Healthy fish and chips.

This afternoon we made Healthy fish and chips, yogurt tar tar sauce, orange & lemon salsa and garlic, vinegar and salt ...
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Chocolate and peanut butter pancakes. ­čÖé

This morning we made Dark chocolate and peanut butter healthy pancakes. Cinnamon popcorn, honey, dark chocolate, roasted peanuts, coffee yogurt, fresh ...
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Deconstructed healthy lasagna ­čÖé

This afternoon we made Deconstructed healthy lasagna, meat balls, basil, Parmesan, ratatouille, garlic yogurt, homemade wholemeal pasta, Parmesan whole meal sauce, ...
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Mixed berry and coconut smoothie ­čÖé

This morning we made Mixed berry and frozen yogurt, coconut, vanilla, and banana swirled smoothie. Banana flapjack (no butter no sugar), ...
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