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Japanese miso broth with tofu and fresh greens 🙂

This afternoon we made a Japanese misu vegetarian broth with tofu, noodles, fresh greens, seaweed and pickled ginger :). The ...
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Savory pancakes, crushed avocado and poached egg 🙂

Today we made some delicious savory pancakes with feta, smoked ham, cherry tomatoes, crushed avocado, poached egg and chia seeds ...
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Seared salmon & charred sweet baby peppers

This afternoon we made :). Seared salmon, charred sweet baby peppers, charred courgette ribbons, chili, lime, mango & orange salsa, ...
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Celeriac, apple and artichoke soup. Yogurt, herb oil, toasted walnuts and spring onions.

This morning we made a delicious celeriac, apple and artichoke soup. Topped with toasted walnuts and a herb oil. The ...
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Treat day!!!! Lemon creme brulee.

Today we made a delicious dessert for our treat day. Lemon creme brulee, candied lemon rind, lemon curd, ginger biscuit ...
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Treat day!!!! Chocolate, peanut and coffee 🙂

Today we also made another tasty dessert for our treat day :). Ingredients we used were as follows - Dark ...
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Healthy homemade curry and coconut rice.

This afternoon we made a healthy homemade curry with coconut rice, onion bhaji, honey yogurt and a red onion salsa ...
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Banana and peanut butter healthy smoothie

Today we made a healthy but delicious Banana and peanut butter smoothie. The ingredients used: Banana, low sugar peanut butter, 75% ...
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Healthier version of chicken teriyaki reduced sugar.

In the afternoon we made a delicious chicken teriyaki with less sugar then normal! Ingredients used: Rainbow slaw. Sweet potato ...
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Rye and wholemeal apple and blueberry pancakes.

This morning we started with some rye pancakes that are both delicious and easy to make, here are the ingredients ...
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