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Here you can find the archive of all previous streams.

Dim Sum

Made an assortment of dim sum. Shrimp spring rolls, beef bao buns and pork dumplings. Thank you for the raids ...
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Quick Kimchi Stew

Quick non ferment kimchi stew. Served with crispy pressed tofu, sriracha chargrilled boneless pork ribs, smoked sausage and mushrooms. You ...
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Italian Wedding Soup

Italian wedding soup. Homemade pasta noodles, pork meatballs, spinach, and a rich chicken broth. You can check out these dishes ...
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BBQ Firepit

Been doing live cooking streams full time on twitch for four years now. For the anniversary we did a bbq ...
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Sriracha Meatball Hoagies

Midweek with a sriracha meatball hoagie roll. Filled with left over kimchi, spicy yogurt, glazed spicy meatballs and finished with ...
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Ribs & Polenta

Kicked off our Tuesday with slow cooked boneless beef ribs and finished with creamy parmesan polenta. Feel free to come ...
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Kimchi Hot Dogs

Healthier alternative to kimchi hot dogs. Made a quick kimchi from scratch. Wholemeal buns, smoked Turkey dog & finished with ...
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Boston Cream Pie

Finally got the new upgrade on the cameras ready for the YouTube vids. Feel free to check out the video ...
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Spatchcock Chicken

Spicy spatchcock chicken. Chorizo & garlic spicy potatoes. Finished with mint yogurt. You can check out these dishes made live ...
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Corned Beef Buns

Ready for some brisket (corn beef) buns? Homemade wholemeal buns, corned beef, bacon, cheese, apple slaw & tofu mustard Mayo ...
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