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Sous Vide Pork & Gnocchi

Made a delightful sous vide pork with a sage & Parmesan gnocchi, coated in pesto. In addition we made a ...
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Lamb, chicken & beef gyros.

Homemade pita bread. Pickled cabbage, salad, cucumber & tomatoes. Finished with a mint yogurt. You can check out these dishes ...
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Explosive Chimichangas

As you can guess a Deadpool themed dish. For the chimichangas, pulled pork with cheese & mixed spicy beans. Also ...
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Caramel Tiramisu

Stepping outside the box slightly for this week’s YouTube episode with the caramel tiramisu. Even making those little sponge fingers ...
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Brioche Hot Dogs

Homemade brioche hot dogs topped with cheese, bacon, pickled cucumbers, hatch green chili, mustard and finished with spring onions. Finished ...
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Pantry Day

For our pantry day we made blue cheese & Parmesan arancini. Finished with homemade pesto & Rocket. In addition we ...
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Spinach & Mixed Bean Enchiladas

Made a twist on a spinach & mixed bean enchiladas. Made the tortillas from scratch, then filled them with the ...
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Cinnamon Brioche Rolls

For our YouTube episode this week we made brioche cinnamon rolls topped with a buttermilk, cream cheese & vanilla frosting ...
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British Picnic

Decided to make a delightful homemade British picnic. Little long winded but totally worth it. Homemade pork pie, wholemeal ham ...
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Coffee Chocolate & Praline

Wanted to play around with a dessert today. Coffee, chocolate & praline. Made a chocolate salted cremeux in the middle ...
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