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Assortment Of Funnel Cakes

Assortment of funnel cakes for some mid week madness. Strawberries & cream, peanut brittle with peanut butter buttercream and a ...
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Chicken, Lamb & Beef Kebabs

Chicken, lamb & beef fire pit kebabs. Pita bread made on the fire pit. Filled with lettuce and mint yogurt ...
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Crispy Shrimp Rice Bowl

Started the week off with a crispy shrimp Egg fried rice bowl. Spicy vegetable slaw, fried rice, crispy shrimp, fried ...
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Assortment Colourful Doughnuts

Assortment of colourful doughnuts. Filled with vanilla creme Pat, cherry jam and glazed to finish them off. You can check ...
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My twist on pastitsio. Starting off with zita noodles, followed by a rich beef mix and topped with a mornay ...
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Fire Pit Quesadilla Burgers

Made some fire pit quesadilla burgers. Homemade burgers from scratch 100% beef. Fire pit tortillas, cheese, lettuce, tomato & hatch ...
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Ratatouille Wellington

Started the week off with with a ratatouille Wellington. Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables mixed with a homemade tomato sauce. Finished ...
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Strawberry Rolls

Want a summer alternative to cinnamon rolls? Strawberry rolls! Made with an enriched dough, strawberry jam, strawberry cream cheese frosting, ...
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Bacon Sandwich

Is there a thing as too much bacon? Made a bacon abomination sandwich requested by chat. Bacon bread, crispy bacon, ...
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Reuben Hot Dogs

Made some Reuben hot dogs. Filled with quick sauerkraut, Russian dressing, corn beef, cheese and topped with scallions. Finished with ...
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