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Pistachio Babka

Taking babka to another level. Pistachio babka with orange and cardamom. Homemade pistachio praline and finished with a chocolate glaze ...
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Chicken Curry

Chicken Rogan Josh curry. Served with brown rice, vegetable pakoras & a mixed herb garlic naan bread. You can check ...
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Stuffed Cannelloni

Stuffed nut & spinach cannelloni. Made the pasta from scratch and filled them with a spinach, ricotta, mixed nuts, Parmesan, ...
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Birria Burritos

Left over beef Birria and turned them into beef Birria burritos. Filled them with the beef, mozzarella, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce ...
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Birria Beef Soup

Starting the week off with birria beef soup. Slowly cooked chuck steak in chipotle peppers, handmade noodles, cilantro, carrots, sour ...
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Praline Chocolate & Coffee Cake

Dessert creation I wanted to take out of my head and on to a plate. Praline, chocolate & coffee cake ...
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Chargrilled Tuna

Starting the new year week off with chargrilled tuna. Served it with a cucumber salad, roasted curried sweet potatoes, pickled ...
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New Years Food

Assortment of canapés for New Years. Roast beef with horseradish cream cheese crostini, smoke salmon & dill cream cheese crostini, ...
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Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip

Homemade Garlic & bacon pretzels with a beer cheese dip. Also thank you Twitch for the gift box. Helping make ...
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Rib Of Beef

That cheeky rib of beef turned out spot on. Hope everyone had an amazing day. Happy Christmas folks, big thank ...
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