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Assortment Of Halloween Doughnuts

Had a blast making these spooky assortment of doughnuts. Chocolate zombie hand, mixed berry eye & the ghoulish eye ring ...
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Raspberry & Cream Cheese Brioche Intestines

Another spooky dish today, raspberry & cream cheese brioche intestines. Made the brioche from scratch using my brioche recipe from ...
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Diablo 2 Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Started the week off by making a Diablo 2 themed chicken & mushroom pie. Made the pastry from scratch filled with ...
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Assortment Of Spooky Cupcakes

Guess what is on this week’s YouTube? Them spooky assortment of cupcakes. Feel free to check out the episode below! ...
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Graveyard Brownie

Mid week for a spooky graveyard brownies. Made the gravestones using tempered chocolate, Oreo mix & sprayed with silver food ...
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Voodoo Doll Spring Roll

To keep it spooky we made some voodoo doll duck spring rolls. Served it with red cabbage for hair & ...
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Spooky Tomato Soup

Started the week off with a tomato spider soup. Topped it off with basil sour cream and served with a ...
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Cauldron Key Lime Pie

Another horrific treat for you folks for this week's YouTube episode! Cauldron Key Lime Pie! Feel free to go check ...
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Halloween Reuben Sandwich

Mid week with our spooky Reuben sandwich. Made the bread from scratch and thought I would put a Halloween spark ...
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Assortment Of Zombie Cupcakes

Anyone for an assortment of zombie cupcakes? Had fun putting these little bad boys together. Chocolate base cupcake, marshmallow & ...
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