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Crispy Chicken Marsala

Posted by John Reed on 13th May 2021

Approx. 4 Portions

Crispy Chicken

2 x Large Chicken breasts (Sliced in half length ways)
70g/1/2 cup x Plain/All purpose flour
2 x Eggs (Whisked)
120g/4.2oz x Panko breadcrumbs
(Double the coating ingredients for double coating)

Marsala Sauce

50g/2oz x Unsalted butter
1tbsp x Vegetable oil
227g/8oz x White mushrooms (Washed & sliced)
4 x Garlic cloves (Peeled & grated)
1 tsp x Fresh thyme leaves
1tbsp x Plain/All purpose flour
350ml/ 1 1/2Cups x Chicken stock
160ml/2/3Cup x Marsala wine
50ml/1.69floz x Double/Heavy whipping cream

Mash potato

2 x Large russet/Maris piper potatoes (Peeled & cut into equal portions)
113g/4oz x Unsalted butter
100ml/1 Cup x Milk

Garnishes & Essentials

1 Sprig x Parsley (Finely chopped)
240ml/1Cup x Peanut oil


1) Prepare the chicken and cut the two breasts in half, slicing it as if you are butterflying the chicken. Place the four slices of chicken into a bowl covered and back into the fridge for later.

2) Wash, peel and cut up the potatoes into even sized portions. Place the potatoes into a medium size pan and cover with water. Season with two pinches of natural sea salt and place onto a high heat.

3) Place the stick of butter and 100ml of milk into a medium size pan onto a low heat ready for the mashed potatoes.

4) Wash the mushrooms and slice into thin slices. Peel and grate the garlic and set aside. Place a large frying pan onto a medium heat. In addition add 50g of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Once the butter has melted add the mushrooms and grated garlic to the pan. Also add the thyme leaves and the 1 tbsp of flour. Mix the mushrooms occasionally until they have softened. Then take the pan off the heat and place another large frying pan onto a medium heat. Add the marsala wine to the pan and reduce by half. Next add the chicken stock and reduce by half again. Take the pan off the heat and place the mushroom pan back onto a medium. Start adding the reduced liquor little by little to the pan until you have a sauce consistency. Next add the cream and place on a low heat. Stir occasionally until the rest of the dish is ready.

5) Once the potatoes are soft, drain off from the water and place back into the pan. Place the pan onto a medium heat to dry out the potatoes for 30 seconds. Take off the heat and mash the potatoes down or put them through a ricer. Start slowly adding the butter and milk mix into the potatoes. Once smooth, taste and season with natural sea salt. Cover to stay warm by the stove.

6) Place the flour, whisked eggs and panko breadcrumbs into 3 separate bowls. Take the chicken out of the fridge and coat each chicken slice separately. First into the flour, then the whisked egg and finally coated in the panko breadcrumbs. Make sure to keep one hand wet and the other dry to prevent clumping.

7) Place a large frying pan onto a medium heat with the peanut oil inside the pan. Once hot fry each chicken slice for 3 – 4 minutes each side until golden and crispy. Drain each chicken off onto a plate lined with kitchen roll. For the garnish finely chop the parsley and serve up.


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