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$10 Meals Banana Mille-Feuille

Posted by John Reed on 9th November 2019

Approx 4 Portions

Shopping List

490g/1lb x Frozen Puff Pastry sheets ($2.50)
2 tsp x Vanilla Essence ($1.00)
2 – 3 x Bananas ($1.20)
75g/0.16lbs x Valrhona Milk Chocolate ($2.00)
85g/0.18lbs x Raspberries ($2.00)
500ml/16.9fl oz x Milk ($1.00)
Total ($9.70) (Baring in mind not including basic committees e.g. Flour, sugar, spices ect)

Vanilla Custard (Creme Pattissiere)

500ml/16.9fl oz x Milk
6 x Egg Yolks
20g/0.70oz x Plain/All purpose flour
20g/0.70oz x Corn flour/starch
50g/1.7oz x Caster/Granulated sugar
2 tsp x Vanilla extract

Chocolate Soil

100g/0.22lbs x Caster/Granulated sugar
75g/0.16lbs x Valrhona milk chocolate (Chopped)

Caramelised Bananas

2 – 3 x Bananas
50g/1.7oz x Caster/Granulated sugar

Puff Pastry & Garnishes

490g/1lb x Frozen Puff Pastry sheets (Cut into 12 rectangular Pieces)
85g/0.18lbs x Raspberries


1) Place the 500ml of milk into a medium size sauce pan with the vanilla extract and place onto a medium heat. Bring the milk up to a simmer and be careful not to let the milk overflow. While waiting for the milk place the rest of the ingredients for the custard into a mixing bowl. Whisk well together until it forms a paste. Once the milk is simmering take off the stove and carefully pour a small amount into the paste mix. Whisk well and pour the rest at the same time making sure its incorporated into the milk. Pour the mix back into the pan and place back on to a medium heat. Whisk continuously until the eggs are cooked out and it has thickened. Take off the heat and line a tray with parchment paper. Pour the custard onto the parchment paper and place another piece of parchment paper on top to stop it from forming a skin. Allow it to cool before blending till smooth and place into a piping bag.

2) Pre heat the oven to 180c/350f. Place the rectangle puff pastry onto parchment paper on a flat oven tray. Using a fork poke holes into the puff pastry to help it stop from rising. Place a second piece of parchment paper over the top, followed by another tray to secure it in place. If you want more weight on top you can place a cast iron pan on top. Place into the oven for 15 – 20 minutes until golden.

3) Place the 75g of sugar into a medium size sauce pan for the chocolate soil. Add 3 – 4 tablespoon of water to the pan until there is no dry sugar left. Place the pan onto a medium heat and bring up to 135c/275f. If you do not have a sugar thermometer you can tell when it comes up to temperature as soon as you see the sugar starting to turn to a slight caramel colour. Add the chopped chocolate into the pan and whisk carefully until it has turned into chocolate soil. Set the soil aside and be careful as it will be extremely hot, (re frame from trying to eat the soil as you will burn your mouth).

4) Peel and slice the bananas evenly with a 1 cm thickness. Place the bananas onto a oven tray and coat the tops of the bananas evenly with a layer of sugar. Blow torch the tops of the bananas until they have caramelized. If you do not have a blow torch you can use the broiler or grill on the highest heat.

5) Once you have blended your custard and placed into a piping bag, start assembling the mille feuille by starting with the custard blobs and then followed by the chocolate soil. Then add the caramelized bananas and top with the puff pasty sheet. Repeat again and serve with the raspberries.


For more guidance on the dish you can go check out the highlights below on YouTube!


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