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$10 Meals Shrimp Pad Thai

Posted by John Reed on 12th October 2019

Approx 2 – 4 Portions

Shopping List

225g/8oz x Raw Shrimp ($4.99)
1 x Medium white onion ($0.49)
1 x Garlic bulb ($0.50)
1 tsp x Fresh ginger ($0.30)
1 x Red bell pepper ($1.00)
25g/0.8oz x Unsalted blanched peanuts ($0.20)
1 x Lime ($0.20)
4 tbsp x Light soy sauce ($0.30)
2 tsp x Fish sauce ($0.20)
1 x Carrot ($0.20)
2 x Scallions ($0.20)
170g/5.9oz x Fresh bean sprouts ($1.00)
30g/1.0oz x Tapioca starch ($0.40)
Total $9.98 (Baring in mind not including basic committees e.g. Flour, sugar, spices ect)


225g/8oz x Raw Shrimp (De veined & de shelled)
1 x Clove garlic (Peeled & Grated)
1 tsp x Fresh ginger (Peeled & Grated)

Vegetables & Garnishes

1 x Medium white onion (Peeled & Sliced)
1 x Red bell pepper (De seeded & Sliced)
1 x Carrot (Peeled & Cut into julienne)
2 x Scallions (Washed & Diced)
170g/5.9oz x Fresh bean sprouts
25g/0.8oz x Unsalted blanched peanuts
1 x Lime (Juice)
4 tbsp x Light soy sauce
2 tsp x Fish sauce

Homemade Noodles

150g/5.2oz x Strong/Bread flour
30g/1.0oz x Tapioca starch
Pinch x Natural sea salt
Water (Add until the dough is bound)


1) Once the shrimp is devined and deshelled, place the shrimp into a mixing bowl. Add the grated garlic and grated ginger to the shrimp. Mix well and cover, placing into the fridge till later.

2) Prepare the vegetables and set aside ready for cooking. Weigh out the ingredients for the noodles and placing into a mixing bowl. Add small amounts of water into the bowl until the dough has formed together. Knead the dough for 5 minutes until smooth then allow to rest for a further 5 minutes.

3) Place a large saucepan of water onto boil to cook the noodles. Dust the work surface with flour and roll out the dough using a rolling pin into a very long rectangle until the dough is roughly 60 cm long. Dust the top of the dough quite generously and fold the dough into a book.Dust the top of the dough again generously with the flour and fold one more time. Carefully dust the top of your chopping board with more flour and place the dough on top. With a sharp knife slice the noodles very thinly without pushing down on the knife and more of a sawing movement. Once the water is boiling drop 1/3 of the noodles into the pan separating them as they drop. Cook them for 3 minutes then scooping them out with a sieve and into a bowl of ice water. Repeat the process until all the noodles are cooked.

4) Place 2 large non stick pans onto a high heat and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil into each. Once hot add the onions, carrots and the peppers into one pan. Season the shrimp with natural sea salt and place the shrimp carefully into the second pan without overfilling the pan. Cook the shrimp for 1 minute each side. While the shrimp are cooking add the beansprouts to the pan. Once the shrimps are finished cooking, deglaze the pan with the fish sauce and the soy sauce. Pour the mix and the shrimp into the other pan. Add the scallions and the peanuts to the pan, giving them a toss every so often and cooking for 2 more minutes. Add the lime juice and take off the heat. Serve the Pad Thai and enjoy.


Check out more of this dish below on YouTube! Made live on Twitch CHEFJOHNREED – Twitch


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